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Discover Marketing Systems Proven to Increase Your New Patient Flow

We’re thrilled to have Chad Madden, MSPT, successful private practice clinic owner at Madden Physical Therapy join us for a second podcast.  Over the years, Madden has implemented a number of things to enhance his clinic’s growth and is now sharing that information in a bootcamp designed for physical therapists and their staff. Attendees at the upcoming [...]

Powerful Resource for Running a Successful Private Practice Physical Therapy Clinic

Wonder how to compete against corporate giants?  Today’s guest, Chad Madden, MSPT, is a successful private practice clinic owner, Madden Physical Therapy. His clinic is located in a very competitive environment.  His clinic averages over 500 visits a week and regularly utilizes direct response marketing He’s launched a resource for to help other private practices [...]

Physical Therapy “It’s Your Choice” Campaign

One of the challenges physical therapists face is often times patients don’t realize that they have the right to choose the physical therapists they see. To combat this, the Sports and Physical Therapy Center in Eureka, Missouri, launched an educational campaign: “It’s Your Choice.” Joining us today is the expert behind the campaign, Sean Quinn, [...]

Three Necessary Components of Success for any PT Clinic Website

Nitin Chhoda, PT enjoys marketing and practices what he preaches.  A physical therapist with a clinic in Hackensack, NJ, he enjoys working with therapists and emphasizing the importance of marketing in the new age of medicine. On this broadcast Nitin shares 3 components of success for physical therapy websites that you can implement today to reach more patients and drive them to [...]