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The Rhythm of the Knee……Do You Feel It?

I was scanning journals recently and came across an interesting question posed in an article by David Gottfeld published in the Gray Institute February 2009 Newsletter.  He queried his father’s Orthopedic Surgeon about why one hip needed replaced and the other didn’t on the same body.  He goes on to discuss the dependency of specific joints on other parts [...]

Learn From Gary Gray and Take Away ENCOURAGEMENT!

Listeners will come away from this episode of PT Talker with new concepts and ideas as well as encouragement from Gary Gray.  As part of the work that he has been doing, Gary shares his expertise and insight for the benefit of those listening with info you can use on your very next patient.  His new 3D program [...]

The Hip is Connected to the Knee and the Knee is Connected to the Foot or…..How Gary Gray Teaches Chain Reaction

Gary Gray takes a break from treating patients and lecturing around the world to share his insights, tips and wisdom with Jeff Worrell.  Knowledgeable and brilliant are words commonly used to describe Gary, but an accurate description is not complete unless kind, humble and empowering are included.  Willing to give his time and share his thoughts freely, patients from coast [...]

Gary Gray Coming to PT TALKER January 22nd, 2009

Well known speaker and founder of the Chain Reaction Seminars is our guest later this month for the first in a 2 part series.  Register now to receive an email when the podcast posts Thursday, January 22nd, 2009.  For Therapists in any discipline, Gary gives a great technical hint that you can use with your next patient.  Don’t [...]