Physical Therapy “It’s Your Choice” Campaign

One of the challenges physical therapists face is often times patients don’t realize that they have the right to choose the physical therapists they see. To combat this, the Sports and Physical Therapy Center in Eureka, Missouri, launched an educational campaign: “It’s Your Choice.” Joining us today is the expert behind the campaign, Sean Quinn, Physical Therapist and Owner of  Sports and Physical Therapy Center.

Missouri is not a direct access state and POTS are illegal.  But more hospitals are offering physical therapy services.  The campaign is designed to let patients know they have a choice on where they get physical therapy services and at the same time educate patients about the value of physical therapy.  Early response to the campaign has been positive. The clinic has seen an increase in screenings and found that their community has a greater understanding of the benefits of physical therapy.

The Sports and Physical Therapy Center is also a member of Rehab1 Network, a network of 19 facilities that provide outpatient rehabilitation to referred patients throughout the metropolitan St. Louis area with a home health agency specializing in orthopedic care.

To learn more about the “It’s Your Choice” campaign, listen to the full podcast now.

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