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Could Growing Evidence Supporting the Effectiveness of Laser Phototherapy Improve Reimbursement?

Despite the benefits light therapy provides physical therapy patients, this modality is often riddled with reimbursement challenges. As evidence grows supporting the effectiveness of laser phototherapy, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, College of Health Sciences Dean Chukuka Enwemeka , PhD, FACSM shares his optimism regarding light therapy reimbursement in the second part of a two-part podcast. Dr. [...]

Recent Blue Light Therapy Research Opens the Door to New Physical Therapy Service Offerings

Treating acne and psoriasis is not commonly linked with physical therapy. However, some new research by the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, College of Health Sciences Dean Chukuka Enwemeka, PhD, FACSM, may change this. Dr. Enwemeka shares his findings with PT Talker in one of a two-part podcast.    Dr. Enwemeka and his team of researchers [...]