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Are you Ready to Get Fyzical?

Decreasing reimbursements, lack of resources and costly compliance systems are just a few of the challenges faced by private practice physical therapy clinics.  Today’s expert, Mike Graves is a physical therapist and one of the Managing Partners of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers. He shares some of the unique aspects of their franchise and the benefits it provides [...]

Another Cash-Based Physical Therapy Success Story

The third party payer system poses a variety of challenges for physical therapy clinic owners.  From the cost of collecting payments to the difficulty of negotiating rates with insurance companies the traditional third party payer system can impact the bottom line of a clinic which has made a cash-based practice appealing to many physical therapy [...]

Are Conditions Right for Selling Your Practice?

Is now the right time to sell your practice?  What information should you have ready in the event you receive a phone call from someone interested in buying your practice? This week’s guest, Paul Martin, MPT, CBI, M&AMI, Martin Healthcare Advisors (MHA) founder and president outlines some of the considerations you need to make before deciding [...]

Physical Therapy Designed for Cardiac, Pulmonary Patients

In the United States, over 14 million people suffer from some form of coronary artery disease, including congestive heart failure and millions more suffer from pulmonary conditions. Cardiac physical therapy helps individuals overcome some of the limitations patients suffer due to their cardiac or pulmonary conditions. This week’s expert Komal Deokule, PT, MSc PT, CCS, MCSP, [...]