Physical Therapy Designed for Cardiac, Pulmonary Patients

In the United States, over 14 million people suffer from some form of coronary artery disease, including congestive heart failure and millions more suffer from pulmonary conditions. Cardiac physical therapy helps individuals overcome some of the limitations patients suffer due to their cardiac or pulmonary conditions. This week’s expert Komal Deokule, PT, MSc PT, CCS, MCSP, MPNZ, MIAP and owner of Vital Physical Therapy shares how her clinic caters to the special needs of cardiac and pulmonary patients.

In her niche practice, Deokule customizes exercise programs to meet the unique situation of every patient. Other conditions such as diabetes, balance issues, and muscular skeletal conditions are also taking into consideration. Learn more about what cardiac physical therapy is and how you can learn more about this type of physical therapy by listening to the full podcast now.

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    The Evolution of Physical therapy in recent years have been enormous.

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