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Are you Ready to Get Fyzical?

Decreasing reimbursements, lack of resources and costly compliance systems are just a few of the challenges faced by private practice physical therapy clinics.  Today’s expert, Mike Graves is a physical therapist and one of the Managing Partners of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers. He shares some of the unique aspects of their franchise and the benefits it provides [...]

Another Cash-Based Physical Therapy Success Story

The third party payer system poses a variety of challenges for physical therapy clinic owners.  From the cost of collecting payments to the difficulty of negotiating rates with insurance companies the traditional third party payer system can impact the bottom line of a clinic which has made a cash-based practice appealing to many physical therapy [...]

Optimistic Outlook for Physical Therapy

The landscape of health care is constantly changing and direct access to physical therapy is providing new opportunities to physical therapists. Today’s expert Lisa Kemp, DPT, President and Clinical Director at Advantage Physical Therapy Associates shares why she is so optimistic about the future. She credits direct access for providing her clinic with the opportunity [...]

Why it’s an Exciting Time to be a Physical Therapist

It’s a great time to be a physical therapist. Despite lower reimbursement rates faced by many physical therapists, today’s expert,  Jerry Durham, PT, Principal of San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy,  shares why he he’s so excited about the future of physical therapy in the first of two podcasts. His clinic is currently in [...]