The Hip is Connected to the Knee and the Knee is Connected to the Foot or…..How Gary Gray Teaches Chain Reaction

Gary Gray takes a break from treating patients and lecturing around the world to share his insights, tips and wisdom with Jeff Worrell.  Knowledgeable and brilliant are words commonly used to describe Gary, but an accurate description is not complete unless kind, humble and empowering are included.  Willing to give his time and share his thoughts freely, patients from coast to coast have benefited from the work of Gary Gray for the past three decades.

The interview starts out with a little history of how he came to coin the phraseology of Chain Reaction and then he shares some helpful techniques you can use with your next patient.  Because there was so much to talk about in this episode, Gary graciously agreed to return next week to discuss two of his exciting new programs that he is working on.

Always learning, always improving, always searching for a better way, Gary Gray is setting the example for many to follow.  Take away what you can from the next two episodes and we hope you enjoy meeting a Physical Therapy Pioneer.

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