Learn From Gary Gray and Take Away ENCOURAGEMENT!

Listeners will come away from this episode of PT Talker with new concepts and ideas as well as encouragement from Gary Gray.  As part of the work that he has been doing, Gary shares his expertise and insight for the benefit of those listening with info you can use on your very next patient.  His new 3D program focuses on looking at movement in planes that might not seem relavent to a therapist working with a patient.  The program looks at movement relative to muscles and how they load and unload.

The plane of motion that the muscle is actually most well known for, might not be the plane in which to focus the most attention on.  He shares an example of the Hip Flexor, Iliopsoas, famous for moving in the Sagital plane.  Gary challenges his students to consider that the Hip Flexor actually shows more power and function in the Frontal plane and also in the Transverse plane.  Gary is looking at function and power specifically to help the patient.

Gary also talks about the GIFT Program (Gray Institute For Functional Transformation) and how it changes lives.  Using concpets not normally associated with Physical Therapy, GIFT is making a difference.

For more information, send an email to feedback@pttalker.com

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