Fran Fowler Explores the Future of Healthcare….Part 2

Part 2 of our discussion with Healthcare Consultant Fran Fowler centered around how Physical Therapists can capitalize on the new Pay For Performance standards that will go into effect.  Doctors are required to send patients for a gait and balance evaluation to an outpatient facility if the patient answers in the affirmative to specific questions.  Physical Therapists would be wise to start marketing themselves now as having the ability to perform such an evaluation.

She believes Pay For Performance is going to become more common in rehabilitation as CMS pushes the standard of proving functional gains.  The other insurers tend to follow CMS thus another way to control the escalating costs of healthcare for the insurance industry.   She also raises the question of how to achieve functional gains in the new outpatient settings that are popping up that do not have gym space.  Join Jeff Worrell and Fran Fowler for an informative conversation about what 2009 has in store for all of us.


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