Healthcare Expert Fran Fowler Explores the Future of Physical Therapy

With over 25 years of experience consulting in the Healthcare Industry, Fran Fowler is well versed about the trends affecting physical therapy.  In this 2 part series, Ms. Fowler looks into her crystal ball and shares her predictions for 2009.  All areas of Physical Therapy from private practice, skilled care centers to home health agencies have significant opportunties that just need to be recognized. 

Fran lays out the changes at HHS and why Tom Dashle as Director is good for Physical Therapy.  Control of Fran Fowlerthe healthcare dollar is going to become a priority and Democrats tend to be friendlier to healthcare than Republicans as a general rule.  She believes a trend to keep chronic diseases within the community and out of acute care using rehabiliation services will result in more dollars flowing into rehab.  She uses balance problems and how Physicians now have to respond to these patients as an example of why outpatient PT is going to explode.

Join Jeff Worrell and Fran Fowler for a real world glimpse into the future and how to make sure you benefit in 2009.

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