Iontopatch vs. Hybresis……Is one better than the other?

The battle between the major companies for your Iontophoresis business rages on.  I decided to look into the differences between the two integrated versions of electrodes (battery on board instead of connecting the patient to a machine) battling it out in the marketplace.  Iontopatch made by Travanti Pharma was first to offer integrated technology to the market with Empi and their Hybresis brand following 6 years later.

In the interest of fairness, my original plan was to present a podcast from the perspective of each manufacturer and then let you the listener decide which product is right for you.  However, only Travanti agreed to participate in our series.  Empi, manufacturer of the Hybrsis product declined to be interviewed.

In this episode, Curtis Carlson gives a brief history and explains the differences between an integrated system and the old box and wire method of delivering medications non-invasively.  The discussion then turns towards a comparison of the 2 patch products.  He raises concerns and candidly points out the differences between the Iontopatch and Hybresis electrode systems.

As an industry focused on evidence based treatments, it is concerning that Hybresis can be found in clinic after clinic with no research to speak of, other than a white paper.  The point of contention between the two companies seems to be the challenge about the 3 minute skin conductivity enhancement mode promoted by Hybresis.  Curtis contends that the 3 minute, high intensity stimulation will actually increase vasodilatation causing less of the medication to stay localized.  What makes sense to you?

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