Rediscover Your Passion For Physical Therapy…..A Workshop

Recently, I attended the state conference of the Indiana Chapter of the APTA and discussed a new workshop presented by Pauline Flesch, DPT and Cheryl Bainbridge, DPT. called, Rediscover Your Passion for Physical Therapy. The workshop is geared towards the clinician that might be experiencing a disconnect between what originally motivated them to enter the profession of Physical Therapy and how they feel about things right now.  Cheryl and Pauline both witnessed for themselves this disconnect in some of their peers and subordinates and set out to find a way to help.

Recorded in the exhibit hall, bear with us as the background noise is a little louder than our normal podcast.  However, the information and enthusiasm they share for their topic is well worth a listen.  Join Pauline, Cheryl and Jeff for another episode of PTtalker.

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