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Medicare and Cash-Pay Physical Therapy

Whether you currently run a cash-based practice or are interested in adding cash-based services to your practice, but are confused about the laws regarding self-payment from Medicare patients, then this podcast is for you. This week’s expert will help you navigate the many rules and regulations of Medicare.  In his new book, Medicare and Cash-Pay [...]

Why NOW is the Best Time to Be in Private Practice

Jeff Worrell, the host of PT Talker, recently had the opportunity to discuss trends and ways to avoid private practice mistakes in a podcast with the Dr. Joe Simon of Private Practice Business Academy. Click below to listen to this full podcast and hear his tips for physical therapists to best market the equipment they have [...]

Reforming the Payment System for Outpatient Physical Therapy Services

The APTA has been working on a plan to reform payment for outpatient physical therapy services to enhance quality of care, recognize and promote clinical judgment and communicate the value of physical therapy services. To achieve these goals, the APTA has developed a proposed payment model for outpatient services.  The alternative payment system (APS) is [...]

Rehabilitation a part of HHS Finalized Provisions

The APTA recently announced the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) finalized provisions in the Affordable Care Act.  The provision ensures that health plans offered both in individual and small groups must offer a core package of items and services.  Rehabilitation and habilitation services and devices are a part of the essential health benefits [...]