What it Takes to Be An Award Winning Physical Therapy Assistant

Each year, the American Physical Therapy Association honors the accomplishments of one physical therapy assistant by selecting a recipient of their  Outstanding Physical Therapist Assistant Award . Nominees must meet a number of criteria and must have been engaged in providing clinical services under the supervision of a physical therapists for at least five years, licensed in the area where they are working and have experience in more than one practice or educational setting.  This year’s winner, John Kelly, PTA, was recognized for his representation of physical therapist assistants at the local, state and national levels of the APTA. He recently shared details about the award with PT Talker.

Kelly is an elected member of the APTA and delegate to the national house of delegates with the APTA. He works as a PTA for Easter Seals Crossroads in Indianapolis , Indiana and as a consultant for Mobility Research in Tempe, Arizona.  He was nominated for the award by the Indiana APTA which he has been actively involved with over the past several years.   To learn more about the award and ways PTAs can get involved in the APTA,  listen to the full podcast now.

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