Learning from Mistakes Provides Strong Benefits for Stroke Patients

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, there are over four million stroke survivors in the U.S.  Of those stroke survivors only a third received any form of rehab, according to a 2005 Washington Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Telephone Survey.  For the stroke survivors that seek rehab, there’s new research that shows promise.  To discuss his research findings,  Dr. George Hornby, associate professor in the department of physical therapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago joins us today.

People tend to learn from mistakes.  A pilot study underway has stroke patients wearing harness to prevent them from falling and encourages patients to run or walk fast to challenge balance. The study works to keep the intensity high enough to see individuals correct their mistakes.   A few videos are included to show the challenges stroke patients were given. To learn more about the benefits stroke patients realized during this challenging form of therapy, listen now.

Case 1 Progression Low Functioning

Case 2 Progression High Functioning

Video Case 3 Progression Nonambulatory

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