Should You Start Your Own Physical Therapy Practice?

Have you always  dreamed of starting your own physical therapy practice, but are unsure if it’s  the right move for you? Chad Novasic, PT and President of Alliant Physical  Therapy Group based in Racine, Wisconsin shares some tips in two PT Talker  podcasts to help you decide.

Novasic  believes it’s a good time to own a private physical therapy practice. As long  as physical therapists work to educate patients on the benefits physical  therapy provides, he sees the demand for physical therapists growing.  With direct access, he has had more patients  seeking physical therapists out on their own without a doctor’s referral.

Before starting a private physical therapy  practice, Novasic stresses the importance of having the right mindset. Having an entrepreneurial spirit and a solid understanding of the reasons why you want  to own your own private practice is critical to your success. Once you  determine why you want to start a private practice, make sure you determine what  your overall vision is for the practice.

Other factors to consider before starting your  own physical therapy practice are your competition, location options, referral  market and market size. He also stresses the importance of marketing. You have  to be willing to knock on doors to generate business. To learn more factors to  consider before opening your own practice, listen to the full podcast.

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    An interesting and informative website on physical therapy..Provides various exercises on different injuries.please check

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