More Considerations to Make Before Opening Your Own Clinic

This week’s podcast is a continuation of the previous podcast with Chad Novasic, PT and President of Alliant Physical Therapy Group based in
Racine, Wisconsin. He shares a few additional considerations to make before quitting your current job to start your own practice.

Novasic recommends physical therapists keep in mind that there’s a lot more to running your own practice than taking great care of your patients. In order to run your own practice you need to be willing to knock on doors to generate business.  You’ll also need to secure Medicare
credentials and gain a greater understanding of insurance contracts.

Novasic also notes as more patients seek physical therapy on their own, the need for a clinic to be in a convenient location is gaining in importance. Clear and visible signage is important too.  More and more patients are stopping in at physical therapy clinics just because they saw the sign. Find a few more things to think about before starting your own clinic by listening to the full podcast now.

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