CEO Shares Advice for Overcoming Common Challenges Faced by Physical Therapy Clinics

Running a successful physical therapy clinic requires maintaining a steady stream of referrals, building last ing relationships and providing better patient outcomes. In his second podcast with PT Talker, Jeff Ostrowski, PT, and CEO of Excel Physical Therapy Services and Excel Consulting Crew shares some of his secrets to success and insight into the impact Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) may have on physical therapy.    

One of the top issues faced by physical therapists is maintaining a constant stream of patients. Ostrowski believes the key to staying busy is to focus on providing an outstanding customer experience and positive patient outcomes. He adds that it’s important for physical therapists to keep in mind the inconveniences and costs patients often endure to receive care.  Providing an experience that exceeds patient’s expectations helps ensure patients continue to come back for care and recommend your clinic to family and friends.   

For physician referrals, Ostrowski recommends physical therapists look beyond selling a clinic’s features and benefits.  Instead, he finds the secret to building lasting relationships is to take the time to really understand the needs of the physicians in your area and focus on providing the solutions physicians are looking for in order to provide the best possible patient outcomes.  

Ostrowski also discusses the impact provider-controlled Accountable Care Organizations may have on physical therapy. To stay ahead of the changes on the horizon, Ostrowski recommends physical therapists begin networking with the large hospitals and medical groups in their area now as these organizations may become the Accountable Care Organizations in the future.  Listen now to learn more tips for success and ways you can prepare your clinic for Accountable Care Organizations.

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