APTA President, Dr. Scott Ward Addresses Issues Facing Physical Therapy

Are you wondering how future legislative issues and health care reform will impact physical therapy? To address some of your concerns, we recently had the opportunity to interview the President of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), Dr. Scott Ward. He addresses some of the health care reform and legislative initiatives the APTA plans to focus on in 2011 in this week’s podcast. 

Dr. Ward believes physical therapists are in a good place when it comes to health care reform.  He adds rehabilitation is included in health care reform essential services and the APTA played a key role in making that happen.  The APTA continues to be a part of health care reform discussions and works to make the needs of physical therapists known to those who pass laws and form the regulations around those laws.

Dr. Ward encourages physical therapists to get involved by becoming a member of the APTA and joining their grassroots advocacy team, PTeam.  APTA members can join PTeam by logging onto the advocacy portion of the APTA website.  

Learn more about the four major legislative issues the APTA plans to focus on in 2011 and about their new physical therapy national outcomes database by listening now.

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