Are You Overlooking the Benefits of Muscle Stimulation?

Electrical muscle stimulation has been utilized in physical therapy for years to rehabilitate muscles after injury or surgery.  But is this long-standing means of treatment being underutilized? In one of a two part podcast, Keith Khoo, PT at the Oklahoma Neurological Center of Excellence (ONCE) shares information on the variety of ways muscle stimulation can be used to effectively treat patients. 

Exercise tubing and weights are often the preferred method to help patients gain muscle strength.  However, these methods hit slow twitch fibers first whereas muscle stimulation works the fast twitch fibers.  Working the fast twitch fibers can quickly improve function while strengthening the muscles.

For patients suffering from diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, muscle stimulation can help patients regain function. It can also help injured patients work through a painful range of motion by using muscle stimulation to block nerves. Listen now to learn some of the muscle stimulation techniques Keith Khoo, PT uses to improve his patient’s outcomes.

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