Are You Helping Patients With Lymphedema Conditions? Why Not?

Certified Lymphedema Therapists are becoming more common as modern rehabilitation facilties address the needs of the patient that suffers with this condition.  Guenter Klose of Klose Training and Consulting joins our broadcast to discuss current Lymphedema techniques and practices.  His philosophy includes 5 components:

1.  Redirect fluid from affected body area into a body part that has healthy lymphatic tissue using manual techniques.

2.  Compression Therapy usually includes bandages or alternatives.

3.  Teach patients to maintain healthy skin and nails to prevent infections.

4.  Remedial exercise instruction

5.  Self care instruction to help patients manage their lymphedema on an ongoing basis

Tune in to this weeks topic and decide if it is time for you learn more about Lymphedema.  If you have a successful lymphedema practice, let me know at

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