Can Spinal Surgery be Prevented by Aggressive Strengthening Exercise?

A review of the research by Orthopedic Physicians Drs. Nelson, Carpenter, Kelly and Wagner.  Their study looked at a group of 651 patients referred for rehab.  Out of this group, 62 were surgical candidates and were put into a program using very specific controlled, aggressive strengthening regiments.  Out of the 62 original patients, 46 actually completed the study.  Of the 46, only 3 required surgery.  The 43 patients were tracked for a period of 1 year upon completion of the program.  38 patients reported no pain 1 year later.  The other patients did not respond or could not be located.

Listen in as Dean Spragia reviews the study and shares the reasons attributed to the success of the study.  A discussion about the financial hurdles associated with implementing a similar program in your facility also takes place.  

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