Benefits of Industrial Rehab

In the second of two podcasts focused on providing work injury solutions, Larry D. Briand, MS, PT, ATC, Founder & CEO of Rehab Management Solutions and Connie Ziccarelli, Principal and Chief Operations Officer share the benefits of industrial rehab.

The United States Department of Labor estimates that employers pay almost $1 billion per week for direct workers’ compensation costs. A work injury program can help reduce those costs. The Rehab Management Solutions injury prevention program saved a corporate client over $670,000 in a six year period. In the injury screening program, they did over 285 screens at one employer and 95% were resolved without the need for additional care.  The benefits to employers extend beyond cost.

The key to success behind a work rehab program is to keep employers in the communication loop.  Get the buy-in from the employer and case managers early and physical therapists need to provide ongoing updates to the employer and case manager. Ziccarelli believes it is truly a partnership between the employer, employee, case manager and the clinician.

Learn more about the benefits of industrial rehab for employers and employees alike by listening to the full podcast now.

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