Could Your Clinic Benefit From Slow Motion Video Analysis?

Simply watching your patients walk or run can help you identify gait abnormalities. But you could be missing something. Qualitative slow motion video analysis often allows you to see something missed when watching those same movements in real time.   Today’s expert, Damien Howell, PT, DPT, OCS reveals the ways he uses slow motion video analysis at his practice to help clients improve their walking or running technique and  enhance performance.

Howell uses video collected in his clinic or submitted by individuals online. He slows the video down to carefully analyze the video frame by frame.  He then uses the video to evaluate client movement and determine the best treatment option for his clients.  Video clips are then shared with clients so they can see how their movement abnormalities compare with proper movement technique.  Listen now to learn how to use slow motion video analysis at your practice.

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