Why Physical Therapists Are Falling Over Balance….Part 2

Dr. Marcia Thompson continues the discussion about Physician Quality Reporting Initiatives (PQRI) and how physical therapists can increase their reimbursement from Medicare by 2% if a screen for risk factors is performed.  In this episode, Dr. Thompson explains exactly what a Therapist must do to participate in the PQRI program as it relates to fall risk factors. 

Once the risk is identified, specific tools should be used to determine the underlying cause of the problem which she details on this broadcast.  The tools are used to evaluate the Somatasensory, Vestibular and Visual systems to determine if they are working together properly.  Dr. Thompson empasizes a balance expertise on the part of the therapist will give the Physician the confidence to make the referal and help document progress towards resolving the patient’s problem.

Download this week’s broadcast for the details and helpful information if you work with patients that might exhibit risk of falling.  Also included this week as a special bonus is a list of Standardized tests and measures for Balance Evaluation and Screening.  For questions feedback@pttalker.com.

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