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Jason Arvesen
Age: 28
Service Technician – Advantage Medical

Foot & Ankle Expert, Josh Bailey, DPT, Joins PT Talker on our 100th Episode

Heel pain affects nearly 2 million Americans. This painful and debilitating condition is commonly associated with plantar fasciitis. But many of those diagnosed with plantar fasciitis may have a different issue.  In our 100th episode, foot and ankle expert, Josh Bailey, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CPed joins PT Talker to provide some tips for effectively [...]

A Comprehensive Approach Helps Patients Move for Life

Physical therapists are known for helping individuals regain function after an injury or surgery. But many don’t realize a physical therapist’s expertise in movement and biomechanics can help them overcome challenges, prevent injuries and achieve fitness goals. A group of clinics based in California and Arizona, Movement for Life, is moving beyond physical therapy to [...]

Get Moving to Celebrate National Physical Therapy Month

The colorful leaves and cooler temperatures make fall the perfect time to get out and exercise.  That’s exactly what the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is encouraging people to do in recognition of National Physical Therapy Month.  The focus for National Physical Therapy Month this year is to encourage individuals to incorporate regular physical activity [...]