Using Technology to Assess Balance Issues

According to the National Institutes of Health in 2008 an estimated 14.8 percent of American adults (33.4 million) had a balance or dizziness problem. Today’s expert, Duane Anderson, Director of Sales for Medfit Systems, joins us to discuss using technology to test balance issues,.

As the population continues to get older the demand for balance treatment has increased. More physical therapists are using balance equipment like the MedFit Systems KoreBalance Equipment to simplify balance training and assessment.  A computerized balance system gives you a definitive measurement versus a subjective measurement providing therapists with more accurate in results to best address the needs of the patients. . It also helps define the area that is the weakness that may be causing the balance issues.  Testing protocols really allow physical therapists to hone on specific areas to help combat balance weaknesses.

Discover how physical therapists are using this technology to market their clinic and build their client base by listening to the full podcast now



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