Optimistic Outlook for Private Practice Physical Therapy

One of the biggest trends in healthcare is the consolidation for care. Hospital and physician-owned physical therapy practices are on the rise. To discuss how the market is changing and how you can combat these changes is Tannus Quatre, PT, of Vantage Clinical Solutions. He consults and advises physical therapists who own their own physical therapy clinics across the country and shares his outlook for physical therapy with PT Talker.

As the market changes, consumers are responsible for more of their cost of care.  As their out of pocket costs rise, consumers are also becoming savvy. Quatre sees a private practitioner as a pure form of healthcare. A way to provide care the way it was intended to be provided. In essence offering consumers the best care they can get at a cost they can afford.

The fact consumers are paying more attention provides physical therapists with an opportunity to educate consumers and drive business to their clinic. He also believes that physical therapists need to work together at a national and local level to build awareness in the market to help consumers fully understand that they have a choice on where they go for care.  Learn more about his outlook for private practice physical therapy by listening to the full podcast now.

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