Bridging the Gap for Cancer Patients

Source: National Cancer Institute, Rhonda Baer (photographer)

The side effects from cancer treatment can be debilitating. NPR recently featured Dr. Julie Silver and her own personal experience with the extreme fatigue, weakness and pain she experienced after cancer treatment.  Not satisfied with the options available to her, she started the STAR program – a program designed to provide cancer survivors with rehabilitation program.

We’ve also been fortunate to feature the STAR program on PT Talker. Wendy Price, PT, MS, owner of Healthcore Physical Therapy and Pilates Studio, and one of the first practices to implement the Oncology Rehab Partner’s STAR (Survivorship, Training and Rehab) Program shared details about the program on PT Talker.  If you missed the original podcast or if it’s been awhile since you listened to it, you can listen to the full podcast here.


New requirements for improving cancer care and providing better access to rehabilitation therapy were recently made available from The Commission on Cancer. Get the new standards here.

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