New Device Makes Runners Lighter on Their Feet

The less weight runners carry, the faster they can run.  To help runners enhance their performance, a Duluth, Minnesota physical therapist, Malcolm Macaulay developed a piece of equipment as an aid to treadmill exercise. He joins PT Talker to discuss his invention.

The LightSpeed Body Weight Support Systems takes approximately 15 percent of a runner’s body weight off the ground offering runners a speeder workout with less impact.  The system utilizes bungee cords attached by Velcro to compression shorts and clipped to the suspension system that works with any treadmill.  Advantages of the system include the comfort of the system, convenience of working over traditional workout clothes and ease of use. The system also gives physical therapists an additional opportunity that allows patients to continue their training after their physical therapy sessions are done.

To learn more about how he brought his idea to life to enhance the performance of his patients, listen to the full podcast now.

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