Are Physical Therapists Doing Enough?

As physical therapists, we’re  used to treating knee, back or shoulder injuries. But when it comes to health interventions or preventive care, there is room for improvement according to a recent study.  Today’s expert, Diane Jette PT, DSc, M.S. is the professor of rehabilitation and movement science and chair of the Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Science at the University of Vermont.  She shares the observations made during a study recently done with Dianne V. Jewell.

The study, Use of Quality Indicators in Physical Therapist Practice: An Observational Study found that physical therapists may not always see themselves as providers of primary or secondary prevention services. The study also found that patient management strategies associated with preventive care for patients with diabetes or obesity were sometimes perceived as relatively unimportant or burdensome. Learn why it’s critical to play a stronger role in preventative care and health interventions by listening to the full podcast now.

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