Exceptional Team Work Leads to Private Practice Success

This year’s APTA Combined Section Meetings were exhilarating with over 12,000 attendees from across the nation. We were fortunate enough to speak with several experts and will be featuring podcasts with experts from CSM2012 in the coming weeks.

Kicking off our APTA CSM2012 series of podcasts is Kelly Sanders, PT, DPT, ATC, President of Team Movement for Life. This private practice started with just one clinic in 1999 and over the years has grown to 17 clinics. Team Movement for Life has an aggressive growth plan with plans to open one to three clinics each year.

She credits their success to running collaborative practices with intensive training and mentorship programs. Each employee is dedicated to going above and beyond to make a difference in their customer’s life every day. Team Movement for Life is built by individuals who are passionate both personally and professionally about embedding effective movement into our own lives and those of our clients and patients. Learn more about the opportunities available to physical therapists at Team Movement for Life by listening to the full podcast now.

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