Mentor, Motivator, Educator and Healer – The Role of a Physical Therapist

Tired of always treating patients with preventable injuries?   Today’s physical therapy expert, Allan Besselink, PT, MDT, is an active blogger, author, and owner of Smart Sport, a cash-based clinic shares ways you can help your patient’s take charge of their own health to avoid injuries.

The first visit to Besselink’s clinic starts much like a traditional physical therapy appointment with a patient evaluation. But before he begins treating the issue that brought a patient to his clinic, he consults with them to determine the root cause of the issue. Is it improper training or poor technique?

His approach is evidence-based, exercise-oriented and empowering. And since his services are fee-based he aims to provide his patients with results in fewer visits.   He believes it’s critical that patients understand the relationship between their activity and their symptoms and learn  how to modify their behavior to recover from injuries and prevent the injuries in the first place.

His book, Run Smart, addresses running mechanics, proper training and running injuries.  Learn more about his book and his Smart Life Project, by listening to the full podcast now.

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  1. Linda Meneken, PT
    Posted November 11, 2011 at 12:00 pm | Permalink

    Why aren’t we doing more Prevention? Our profession has always been much more reactive than proactive…Will insurance companies pay for Prevention services in all industries? I bet not…I am treating the same injuries today that I treated in 1975 – I have blogged about this before. We are now a more sedentary, unfit nation than ever before, thanks to the computer revolution…comment?

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