Is Medical Exercise Therapy the Missing Link You’ve Been Looking For?

Originally founded by Oddvar Holten in Norway, Medical Exercise Therapy (MET) aims to provide  patients with the most appropriate exercises throughout the entire treatment  and healing cycle.  To further discuss Medical Exercise Therapy, Nate Kloosterman PT, DPT and Frank Aerts, PT, CMPT of  MET Seminars USA joins PT Talker in this week’s podcast.

Aerts started using MET 20 years ago and became familiar with it through training in Europe. The  principles of medical exercise therapy are used in most European countries and  are slowly gaining acceptance here. The MET system uses pulley systems and  weight equipment that work with smaller increments than traditional equipment.  The weights can be increased in increments as small as a  ¼ pound or in grams.  These super sensitive machines allows patients to increase weight in small increments to provide the right resistance to aid in the healing process

Kloosterman feels a true therapeutic exercise component is missing from the physical therapy programs  offered in the United States. He believes MET addresses both exercise and  function and works as the perfect adjunct to modalities and manual therapy.  He  would like to see MET as a part of the techniques embraced by physical therapists throughout the country.  To learn more about Medical Exercise Therapy, listen to the full podcast now.

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    I would like to talk to you about possibility of teaching seminars.

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    I would be more than happy to talk with you about hosting a MET course. My phone number is 219-508-0222 and my email address is

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