Is Physical Therapy a Form of Torture?

Physical therapy can be painful. But is it really a form of torture? To discuss this issue in greater detail, we have two special guests joining us in this week’s PT Talker podcast. Adam Mendenhall, PT, of Southern Utah Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and his patient Jennifer Weaver, Bureau Chief for Spectrum and Daily News. Jennifer is undergoing physical therapy and recently wrote about the pain associated with recovery and therapy.
Her physical therapist, Adam Mendenhall believes many patients have a preconceived notion that physical therapy will be torture. To minimize a patient’s fears, Adam believes physical therapists need to be frank with patients about the recovery process to help them understand that some pain is common with post-op recovery and rehabilitation. Jennifer agrees that patients need to educate themselves about the healing and recovery process. She also strongly recommends following a physical therapist’s directions for exercises to do at home.
Find out if physical therapists are really torturers in disguise and gain a greater patient’s perspective on physical therapy by listening to the full podcast now.

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