The Benefits of Finding Your Own Physical Therapy Niche

Patients have more options than ever for physical therapy.  From privately-owned physical therapy clinics to those owned by a large corporation, the successful physical therapy clinics have found a way to differentiate their clinic from others in their area.  Today’s expert, Cindi A. Prentiss Lattanzio, MBA, PT, OCS, Cert. MDt, LMT of Physical Therapy and Beyond enthusiastically shares some tips for marketing your clinic and why finding your own unique niche is critical to your success.

After working as a physical therapist for other clinics, Lattanzio opened her own private clinic 11 years ago.  She decided to focus on back pain and women’s health issues to help set her clinic apart from other physical therapists in the area.  The clinic still does everything that a patient would need physical therapy for, but highlights spine and women’s health issues in their marketing efforts.  The clinic also offers monthly “Helping You Help Yourself” patient educational seminars and invites local specialists to join her in educating patients.  These seminars offer another benefit, educating the specialists and physicians about ways physical therapy can help their patients.

Listen now to learn some new techniques to address women’s health issues and enhance your patient referrals.

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