Are You Running Your Physical Therapy Practice as a Business?

A passion for helping individuals overcome limitations and regain function is often the motivation behind starting a physical therapy clinic. Yet, many physical therapy clinic owners don’t always think of their practice as a business. Today’s expert makes a case for running a physical therapy clinic as a business.  Jeff Ostrowski, PT, and CEO of Excel Physical Therapy Services and Excel Consulting Crew shares tips for providing outstanding patient care while focusing on your bottom line.

Despite the trend of lower payments for physical therapy services, Ostrowski is cautiously optimistic about the future of physical therapy. He believes physical therapy businesses need to learn how to do more with less, maximize the productivity of every physical therapist on staff and utilize marketing and branding to set their clinic apart. He shares details about innovative approaches like incentive plans designed to reward productive and efficient physical therapists and reasons why the best physical therapists are often the busiest. Listen now to find out more.

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