Health Care Expert Fran Fowler Shares Predictions for Physical Therapy in 2011

The health care reform legislation passed earlier this year has many wondering how it will impact the future of physical therapy. To help take some of the ambiguity out of health care reform and what trends you can expect in 2011, Fran Fowler, health care expert and President of Fowler Healthcare Affiliates, Inc., shares her health care predictions with PT Talker. In one of a two-part series, Fowler provides the steps you can take now to position your clinic to succeed in 2011 and beyond.
Fowler continues to see cost control as the number one issue facing physical therapy and the health care industry. In an effort to contain costs, she believes health care reform will rely upon accountable care organizations that operate similar to the managed care programs of today. Physical therapy services will become a part of a bundled pack of payments with a set dollar allocation instead of a pre-determined number of visits. Over time the in-network physical therapy providers will benefit from the increased demand created by new consumers with health care access.
She believes the physical therapy clinics selected as in-network preferred providers will have mastered documentation, provide improved outcomes, run efficiently and utilize technology for patient records. Listen now to discover the steps you need to take today to prepare for health care reform and the future of physical therapy.

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  1. Linda Meneken, PT
    Posted November 19, 2010 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    Excellent presentation and predictions for our PT future – what about Prevention, in all areas, and the profession being more proactive, rather than reactive?

    Thank you.

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