Avoid Insurance Reimbursement Challenges with Cash Based Group Physical Therapy

Traditional physical therapy often involves working with one patient at a time which limits income potential and requires waiting for reimbursement.  One physical therapist, Laura Miranda, MsPT, CSCS developed a group physical therapy model to overcome some of the challenges faced by traditional physical therapy practices. She shares some of the benefits group physical therapy provides in today’s podcast.

Group therapy is ideal for patients who have finished traditional physical therapy and are now ready to move onto wellness and fitness programs. Instead of sending clients to a fitness trainer, Laura encourages physical therapists to offer fitness programs that target a particular injury or sport such as running.  Since group therapy is cash based, physical therapists realize a new revenue stream and avoid the reimbursement struggles commonly faced in traditional physical therapy.  Laura will be sharing additional information about group physical therapy at the Private Practice Summit held in Rutherford, New Jersey on September 11, 2010. Tune in now to learn more about group physical therapy and how it can benefit your practice and clients.

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