Are You Overlooking a Key Source for Patient Referrals?

Oncologists are unlikely to be one of the top sources that come to mind for physical therapy patient referrals.  However, some new research by Kathryn H. Schmitz PhD, MPH, FACSM of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine may make a visit to your local oncologist a higher priority.   Today’s podcast shares the results of her study and how oncologists and physical therapists can work together to improve the quality of life for cancer survivors.

The PAL (Physical Activity and Lymphedema) Trial found women with breast cancer related lymphedema benefited from working with a physical therapist to complete a series of specific strength training exercises.  In the trial, physical therapists evaluated patients, provided exercise instruction and guidance. As a result of the study, Dr. Schmitz is recommending oncologists refer patients to a physical therapist at their last follow-up appointment. Listen now to learn more.

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    What a wonderful patient population they are to work with! I’ll be presenting at CSM 2011 in the Oncology section with Dr Mary Lou Galantino, PT, PhD on “PT beyond Fitness & ROM” sharing the exciting findings in integrative care that are part of the PT scope of practice. Kathryn did a great job expanding on referral possibilities. Looking forward to learning more next wk. thx jeff

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