Physical Therapists Can Add Value to their Clinic by Offering Work Injury Management and Prevention Services

Physical Therapists often have a solid understanding of the sport an athlete plays and when an injured athlete is ready to return to the sport. Treating injured employees should be no different. Physical Therapists can help injured employees quickly return to work by investigating how injuries occurred, evaluating work capacity and watching how employees use their body to complete tasks at work. 

In the second part of a two-part podcast, Susan Isernhagen, PT and COO of DSI Work Solutions offers insight on how physical therapists can provide work injury management and prevention solutions to employers and their employees.  Physical therapists who want to offer work injury management services should have the ability to perform job analysis, complete functional capacity assessments and understand ergonomics.  Listen now to learn more about ways physical therapists can get involved in providing work injury management and prevention services.

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