Should You Consider the Wellness Illness Model in Your Practice?

Today’s podcast features a group experience as I interview three successful physical therapists about their unique clinic in Studio City, Ca.  Dawn-Marie Ickes, PT, Allison Cabot, PT and Gabrielle Shrier, PT share the reasons they began including a wellness component in their practice seven years ago.  By utilizing “trainers” with expertise in areas not typically associated with physical therapy, the ladies are providing a better patient outcome and relying less on insurance reimbursement. 

The wellness model has taken their practice into into new directions.  The benefit to patients is a positive outcome that lasts long after treatment has concluded.   With 7 years experience implementing their philosophies, Dawn-Marie, Allison and Gabrielle offer sound advice that you may be able to use in the rapidly changing world of rehabilitation.  Join Jeff Worrell and our experts this week for news you can use.

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