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Find & Review Apps for Therapists

Ever wonder what apps other physical therapists are using to enhance patient outcomes or to stay organized? Today’s guest, Mai Ling Chan, M.S. CCC-SLP, CEO of has launched an app review site designed to bring therapists together to share details about the physical therapy apps they use. Yapp Guru is a non-biased platform that provides [...]

New HEP Compliance Tool for Physical Therapy Patients

Patients sometimes need a friendly reminder to do their prescribed home exercises and a gentle nudge to change their behavior.  Today’s expert offers a solution to help patients make exercise a part of their daily routine.  James Lomuscio is the co-founder of DropKicker, a HEP compliance tool for physical therapy patients The DropKicker system allows [...]

An EMR System Designed for the Way Physical Therapists Work

Although physical therapists are not yet required to use electronic medical records, physicians and other health care systems participating in the Medicare Meaningful Use Program are expected to use electronic health records by 2015. Those health care providers will then expect physical therapists to use compatible systems.  To help address the electronic medical record needs [...]

Suspension Trainer Offers Benefits in a Physical Therapy Setting

There are a number of tools available to help your patients recover and return to the activities they enjoy.  One is a system commonly found in training settings and quickly becoming a staple in physical therapy clinics.  The TRX Suspension Trainer uses an individual’s weight to complete a variety of exercises.  Joshua Funk, DPT, CSCS [...]