Optimistic Outlook for Physical Therapy

The landscape of health care is constantly changing and direct access to physical therapy is providing new opportunities to physical therapists. Today’s expert Lisa Kemp, DPT, President and Clinical Director at Advantage Physical Therapy Associates shares why she is so optimistic about the future.
She credits direct access for providing her clinic with the opportunity to empower individuals in her community. And believes it’s important to let individuals know that they have the power to choose where they want to go without waiting to see a physician.

With direct access, physical therapists can now be a referral source for physicians by making referrals to physicians for issues that they see that may require further care. Kemp believes the future is bright and that physical therapy has the potential of being that direct access provider ready to step in place to support the primary care gaps created by an active aging population. Learn more by listening to the full podcast now.

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