Tips for Running Your Own Private Physical Therapy Clinic

According to the Pew Research Center, every day for the next 18 years 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65. And at some point they’ll likely need physical therapy services. Despite a challenging economy, Lynn Steffes, PT, DPT , President/Consultant at the rehabilitation consulting firm Steffes and Associates, believes it’s still a good time to explore owning your own practice.

Before starting your own practice, Steffes recommends getting involved in clinic management, accounting, and marketing. And even more important, work on building and growing relationships with the businesses in your community.

To help physical therapists gain their position as a primary provider in the future of health care she also stresses the importance of physical therapists helping patients get better, faster and longer. Schedule a follow-up appointment in 6 months – don’t wait for patients to call you.  She stresses that physical therapists and other health care providers can save 26 billion dollars a year in health care costs, if by simply keeping seniors in their home for one more year.  Learn tips for private practice success by listening to the full podcast now.

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