Outstanding Patient Outcomes Begin with a Great Evaluation

Physical therapists put a great deal of time and energy into learning new treatment techniques. But today’s expert believes the best physical therapy begins with a great evaluation. Author of Movement: Functional Movement Systems, Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS, RKC, physical therapist at Mountain  River Physical Therapy (MRPT) and founder of Functional Movement Systems shares the importance of becoming an expert at diagnosing the real issues behind a patient’s pain.

Cook’s methods and ideas are at the cutting edge of rehabilitation, fitness, and injury prevention. He encourages physical therapists to learn to evaluate better and determine the movement issue causing the problem. And believes a thorough screening prior to physical exertion can help determine a person’s risk of injury. To learn more about the techniques you can use to help achieve the best possible outcomes for your patients and new referral resources to tap into, listen to the full podcast now.

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