Wurn Technique Helps Patients Find Hope, Health & Healing

Physical therapy isn’t often associated with infertility, adhesions and bowel obstructions. This week’s PT Talker experts  aim to change that. Creators of the Wurn Technique and founders of Clear Passage  Physical Therapy, Belinda and Larry Wurn join PT Talker today to discuss their unique hands-on therapy.

The Wurn Technique is a manual, non-surgical treatment for decreasing adhesions and their negative  effects on the body. The technique was initially created to help Belinda decrease  pain and improve function after surgery and radiation therapy. Over the years,  they’ve discovered this technique serves as a natural solution for a variety of  issues including infertility, endometriosis, bowel obstruction, and chronic  pain.

The Wurn Technique is evidence based and the Wurns are committed to building evidence to support the  technique.   To learn more about the Wurn Technique and how it can benefit your patients , listen to the full podcast  now.

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