Using Technology to Better Measure Patient Outcomes & Satisfaction

Are you still relying on paper health status questionnaires to gather patient data and feedback? One group of physical therapy and occupational therapy clinics recently traded traditional paper questionnaires in for a more technologically advanced option…the iPad. Instead of filling out a paper questionnaire, AthletiCo patients use an iPad® to complete a health status questionnaire at admission, mid-treatment and at discharge.  The information gathered on the iPad combined with Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO® ) data collection service enables AthletiCo to better measure patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. AthletiCo Founder and President, Mark Kaufman, PT, ATC joins PT Talker to share additional details about how this new technology has made a difference at their clinics.

AthletiCo partnered with FOTO® to gain a better understanding of patient outcomes and customer feedback. The FOTO® data collection system uses a mobile device like the iPad to collect data and provides outcome reports for patients, measures patient satisfaction and compares quality of care and results to other providers across the nation.  The new system allows AthletiCo to identify strengths and areas to improve on.  Listen now to discover ways this new technology can benefit your clinic.

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