Overcome Physical Therapy Reimbursement Challenges

The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others is one the reasons why many individuals become physical therapists.  Dealing with the challenges involved with reimbursement by third party payers is not.  In order to get paid for their services, physical therapists have to become experts at navigating treatment codes, insurance plans, documentation requirements and coverage policies. To help breakdown some of the complexity of third party reimbursement, Helene Fearon, PT and partner of Fearon and Levine Consulting recently shared her third-party payment expertise with PT Talker.

In order to get paid, physical therapists must be complaint with third party payer rules and regulations. An increasing number of insurance companies follow the Medicare reimbursement policy. Fearon believes this has simplified compliance. She also adds that a number of software programs are available to help simplify documentation and compliance by providing compliance alerts.

Fearon also believes physical therapists are at a greater risk of being audited now. Listen now to find out why.

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